Jack and the Land of Colours

Jack and the Land of Colours

Jack and the Land of Colours is an interactive story app to help teach your child the four elementary colours: red, yellow, blue and green.

One day Jack takes a nap in a tree, when he wakes the kingdom has lost its colour. When Jack has a chance encounter with an elf; he finds himself going on a magical journey to help restore the colour to the kingdom.

A simple yet engaging story with interactive games throughout that will assist your child to learn the four elementary colours. Once the story is complete a bonus game is unlocked to reinforce your child’s learning.

Once you have completed the story you may enter any of the interactive games without listening to the story again. The story is fully narrated and if desired the audio can be muted; thus allowing your child to read the story should this be desired.

Jack and the Land of Colours is set in the same magical kingdom as Writing Magic Letters : Kids learn to write!

After learning the initial 4 colours, children learn brown, purple, orange and pink.

  • Orange Purple Pink Brown
  • Red Green Blue Yellow

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