Spelling Assistant

Ace your spelling test with the help of Spelling Assistant!
Ace your spelling test

Spelling Assistant makes it easy and enjoyable to prepare for your class spelling test. Adding spellings couldn’t be easier, simply type in each word on your list and record yourself speaking the words. Practice your spellings using 3 different games to learn the words, then take the in-app test when you are ready!

Each user can have their own account, each with their own animal avatar and their own spellings lists. The app tracks the progress of each user individually.

There are 3 games to practice with to make it fun to learn your spellings. ‘Jumble Spell’ jumbles the letters of the word around and the child has to assemble the word. ‘Multiple choice’ offers the correct spelling and 2 incorrect, similar spellings. ‘Keyboard’ simply allows the user to spell the word with a specialised keyboard.

Take the hassle out of learning spellings, track your progress and have fun preparing to ace the class spelling test!

  • 3 Practice games
  • Add your spelling lists
  • Multi-user
  • Spelling Test

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