Pirate Phonics 1

Learn to read and find the stolen treasure
Learn to read

Pirate phonics uses the concept of a child’s dream about pirates as the theme of an educational game to develop skills in the basic phonics. It is a very large App which uses 5 ‘treasure islands’ with a ‘phonic’ route map across each island to recover the treasure stolen by Blackbeard the pirate.

Each phonic is introduced by a pirate with ‘phonic challenges’. By passing the challenges coins are collected and the child heads towards where Blackbeard has hidden the treasure.

Each island is completed when the children use phonic challenges to open the treasure chest, but of course
that’s not the end!

Pirate Phonics is a very large App which has been designed to support the first stages of phonic learning over an extended period, at least several weeks. Each phonic is emphasised through the use of several ‘picture words’ which are deliberately read slowly by the narrator. Once a phonic has been unlocked and learned the child can revisit that island and phonic at any time. The whole App introduces more than 300 words.

The 5 Treasure Islands introduce the phonics 1 at a time before using blends to form simple words (mainly CVC). Phonics introduced in this App include:

  • s a t p d
  • n m i g o
  • c e u r h
  • k b f l j
  • v w x y z
  • ck ff qu ss zz
  • ll ch sh th ng th

If your child just wants to learn words related to any individual phonic then that can be selected from the ‘extras’ area on the start screen without going through every island. Another similar Pirate Phonics App will be released soon to complete the whole phonics spectrum; this will focus even more on blending, word building and reading groups of words.

  • 300+ phonetic word library
  • CVC word builder
  • Follows UK Phonics Curriculum
  • Kids love it!
  • Over 3 hours of play and practice
  • Teaches the first 36 phonics

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