Addition Tables

Addition Tables Personal Assistant
Addition Tables

Addition is at the heart of maths. If your child enjoys adding they will have cleared a key hurdle in their long journey through maths. Learn to add with Addition Tables. It has been specially designed to help young children learn by teaching themselves to add then practice what they have learned before testing themselves. It is another App in Unit 11’s popular Maths can be fun series.

The learning includes spoken addition tables from 1 to 10 which helps with memory learning as well as with number pattern development. This is then supported by an automated number line which indicates the result of any addition. There is also a traditional counter mechanism which has been enhanced to help add the counters. Development testing showed these mechanisms were very popular and young children quickly understood how to use them.

Once enough learning has been done the practice and tests can be used to show how much has been learnt. Counters, which count aloud when tapped, are included for all practices and tests.

Other features include:

  • Set the maximum counting limit to 10 or 20
  • Set the number of practice questions
  • Choose your favourite counter
  • Choose from 4 levels of testing for each addition table
  • Test menu uses coloured buttons to show attainment level

Different approaches have been included for practice mode and testing to suit a wide range of ages and abilities including:

  • Multiple choice (tap correct answer)
  • Multiple choice (drag answers into place)
  • Keyboard (type in the correct answer)
  • 4 Practice games
  • Addition up to 10 + 10
  • Follows UK Numeracy Curriculum
  • Teaches addition tables
  • Teaching mode
  • Test Mode

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