Unit11 Apps Privacy Policy


Unit11Apps is a division of Robb Research Ltd which is an ethical company which focuses on developing high quality educational Apps especially for children.

General Policy

We only store the minimum required information on our customers and we do not employ tracking cookies. Most of our apps do not store any customer information at all.

Unit 11 App website

  • We do not employ tracking cookies.
  • The only contact data we use is the email addresses used by those who contact us through our support line.
  • We do not retain the email addresses after the support case is complete.
  • We value privacy and not only do we not collect lists of customers, we would never share email addresses with any third party.

Unit 11 Apps

  • Our children’s Apps do not include in app purchases thus we do not receive any customer details
  • Where our Apps ask for user names, this information is only used locally in the App on the user’s device to enable several users in a family or group to use the same App.
  • Several of our Apps store user level or performance data. Again this information is only used locally on the user’s device. The information is never collected by Unit 11.
  • From within our Apps, we do inform users of our Apps about other related Apps which are available from Unit 11. This information is embodied in the App and we do not employ push messaging to our users.

Privacy Overall

Our customers’ privacy is very important to Unit 11 Apps. Protection of that privacy is at the heart of our ethical business. Thus the production of high quality paid apps is our primary monetization model.  Many competitors might see that as a naive approach in this highly competitive market; nevertheless we wish our success to depend only on the quality of our product. Our policy is reviewed every 3 months.