Our Educational Apps

Our apps are aimed at primary school aged children and are created with the syllabus firmly in mind. They are designed to be great fun and extremely effective learning activities.

  • Pirate Phonics 1

    Pirate Phonics 1

    Pirate Phonics offers fun and Phonics for kids who are just learning to read/recognise letters and simple CVC words.

  • Pirate Phonics 2

    Pirate Phonics 2

    The 5 new treasure islands introduce the phonics one by one and then use blends to form simple words (mainly CVC).

  • Pirate Phonics 3

    Pirate Phonics 3

    Complete the pirate trials to become fully certified pirate phonic readers! There are 5 trials, that focus on 5 different areas of reading development.

  • Blackbeard’s Alphabet

    Blackbeard’s Alphabet

    Blackbeard's Alphabet is a great way for kids to learn the letters of the alphabet, alphabetical order, the phonic sound each letter makes and even how to write each letter!

  • Alphabet Circus

    Alphabet Circus

    To see the circus picture related to the letter, write each letter correctly 6 times and each time receive a small sticker award.

  • Writing Magic Letters

    Writing Magic Letters

    Learn to write the letters of the alphabet with Magic Letters. Explore a magical world where you learn to cast spells by writing the letters of the alphabet correctly.

  • Writing Magic Numbers

    Writing Magic Numbers

    The App is designed to help young children count as well as write. On each scenario the child can tap the people and animals to count them.



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  • Times Tables

    Times Tables

    Times Tables form a key educational requirement; learn them when you are young and you’ll never forget them.

  • Shopkeeper+


    Shopkeeper+ has been specially designed to add fun to maths. Using this App children will learn to count objects and add numbers.

  • Shopkeeper –

    Shopkeeper –

    Using this App children will learn to take away, beginning with taking away visible coins, and progressing to taking away numbers (up to 10 – 10).

  • Spelling Assistant

    Spelling Assistant

    Ace your spelling test every week with the help of Spelling Assistant!

  • High Frequency Words

    High Frequency Words

    High frequency words, often known as ‘sight words’ introduces the 200 most common words used in the written English language.

  • Addition Tables

    Addition Tables

    Addition is at the heart of maths. If your child enjoys adding they will have cleared a key hurdle in their long journey through maths. Learn to add with Addition Tables.

  • Jack and the land of colours

    Jack and the land of colours

    Jack and the Land of Colours is a magical, educational interactive story that teaches children the colours : Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Pink, Purple and Brown!

  • Counting With Dinosaurs

    Counting With Dinosaurs

    Counting with Dinosaurs is for young children 3 to 5 who are learning to recognise numbers and to count up to 10.

  • Rosie’s boat takes shape

    Rosie’s boat takes shape

    This interactive story will help your child to recognise and name the following: Triangle, Square, Rectangle, Circle, Star, Diamond, Semi-circle and Heart.

  • A day with a difference

    A day with a difference

    Introduce your child to the comparatives (bigger, smaller etc) through this charming interactive story about Mr. Big and Mr. Small, two neighbours who, one day, have to call on each other for help.

  • The graphics are very nice and the phonics are voiced well. The characters in the game are all voiced by the same person, but she has a good clear voice that’s easy on the ear.

    Great for the kids! by tarshas
  • My 5 year old thinks these pirate phonics apps are brill and as he will work on them for ages I'm happy too! This is the perfect follow on to the previous apps and I love that they are British and lower case.

    Another excellent reading app by ClickSplat
  • My son enjoyed playing this game and I can see him developing his skills to write and recognise the letters. I recommend this app to all KS1 kids parents.

    Excellent by asell2013
  • Easy to use, has some good games, esp. Multiplayer! My son and I have battles every night atm while he is learning his tables. All the options to customise it are great too!

    Very, very good by tgday
  • I downloaded (and paid for a few) 21 different times tables apps, compared them all and put the best ones on my kids iPads. I think this one is the most complete. Some apps are just tests, but this has a way to learn and then practise. If I could add anything, it would be a structured plan (i.e do 1, 10, 2 then 5...) and something a bit more fun to collect but this is great

    Best Times Tables app by Leemcg258
  • Different methods of learning used, challenges their existing knowledge and teaches new skills. Kids really enjoy!

    Works their brains by Ging7
  • I downloaded this for my daughter who really doesn't like doing tables, but she loves this. It has lots of fun games to test yourself. And it has aided her learning considerably.

    5.0 out of 5 stars Really great app By Azra
  • My girls aged 8 and 10 both love it - a fun way to learn tables that they can do independently, highly recommended.

    5.0 out of 5 stars really good By Mrs. C. Pesquero
  • This is the best app I have bought for my 5 year old, he can do it easily on his own and is doing really well learning the phonics sounds and reading words. He enjoys playing it.

    5.0 out of 5 stars Fab! By sarahk
  • My boy is in reception and is having great fun playing this although he already knows all the letter sounds its great for revision and as an introduction to pre-schoolers or those just starting reception year.

    5.0 out of 5 stars pirate phonics By michelle